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Crate Digger’s Gold – Rosanne Cash – King’s Record Shop

January 5, 2014

rosanne cash

One of my favorite albums of the late 80s was Rosanne Cash’s King Record Shop.  Cash was not pure country – she was alt-country before that was even a genre.  She had the country pedigree – Johnny Cash’s daughter and wife of Rodney Crowell, but she played rock, folk, blues in addition to country.  She has an amazing unique and emotive voice.  Crowell produced the bulk of her prime work and he always pulled together great musicians and fantastic arrangements.

This album touches on country rock, straight country, and LA pop (think the Eagles or Linda Ronstadt in the late 70s).  Rosanne had a wonderfully aloof vibe on this album – she never seemed to be buying into the star maker machine.  She does a delightful cover of her dad’s hit “Tennessee Flat Top Box.”

I originally had this on vinyl back in 1987, but I recently picked up a pristine copy for $2. Most of Rosanne Cash’s back catalog is pretty accessible on vinyl as she was a big seller back in the day.

If you are an alt-country fan you will likely love this album.  Look it up and give it a spin.

One Comment
  1. Yup. I have a couple copies. I think one is still sealed. How does that happen? Rodney has his fingers in a lot of good music.

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