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December 11, 2013

I was reading the WSJ Magazine this AM.  In each issue the magazine asks six luminaries to comment on a single topic.  This month it was: Indulgence.  I found the article kind of boring, but it did make me think about my own indulgences.  I thought I would share a few:

  • Taking a day off in the middle of the week without much of an agenda and not checking work email all day (I did that today as a matter of fact)
  • Buying the CD and the vinyl edition of the same release
  • Perkins Tremendous Twelve (for dinner)
  • A Hendrick’s Gin martini with a slice of fresh cucumber instead of an olive
  • A three-hour workout
  • Going out for White Castle after a ball game
  • An Islay scotch for desert after an over priced dinner out
  • Any kind of tube audio equipment
  • A third cup of Pu-erh tea on a weekend morning
  • A $12 bottle of beer (off-sale)

I have no idea what this says about me, you be the judge.


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