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Elvis Costello and The Roots – Wise Up Ghost

September 29, 2013

Elvis Roots

When this release was announced early this year it made perfect sense to me.  I have been an Elvis Costello fan since my buddy Jon (as roomies he played Get Happy daily for 6 months) introduced me to My Aim Is True in the late 70s.  Elvis has been a true musical visionary since day one.  He has been eclectic, adventurous and a true collaborator.

?uestlove and The Roots are one of the few hip hop groups I actually paid attention to.  Phrenology was one of the few hip hop albums that was in my regular rotation in the early 2000’s.  The Roots are one of the few hip hop BANDS and during their tenure on the Jimmy Fallon show they have proved to be the ultimate collaborators supporting every genre imaginable.

For some this may seem an odd paring, but for me this makes total sense – both Elvis and The Roots are adventurous collaborators.  But how does it sound?   Fantastic!  On first play I knew this album would make my 2013 top-10.

This album is funky as hell, yet Elvis is Elvis – no matter what genre EC plays with he is always his own unique voice.  There is nothing contrived here – there is no pandering.  I don’t know how to describe this other that it is Elvis Costello and The Roots are playing exactly how you would expect them too – no better than you could ever imagine them to.  When you listen to “Refuse To Be Saved” you understand how Prince unified funk and New Wave to make Prince music – Elvis and The Roots nod knowingly.      I can’t begin to describe how perfect this music works.

I can only hope that the reference to “Number One” means there is a sequel in the can. All I can say is ?uestlove and Elvis Costello is – together at last!

Elvis and ?uestlove

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  1. Does Elvis make a wrong move? Will eventually get to this one. I like the funk angle. I’ll talk to Big Earl (Son) he’s a Roots fan and getting into Elvis. He is a man of few words but sometimes he talks at me about music and film. (Some really good posts on this visit)

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