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Bob Dylan: The Complete Album Collection Vol. 1

September 27, 2013

Complete Bob

November 5, 2013 Columbia Records releases Bob Dylan: The Complete Album Collection Vol. 1. 35 CD for $256 bucks. I don’t know what to think about this – how many ways can Bob extort me?  I have most of these albums on vinyl, low quality CDs, remastered CDs, mono-box CDs,  and SACDs.  Do I need this set?  Do I even want this set?  What will Volume 2 be?


Or do I want to pay $100 more for a novelty USB presentation of high quality FLAC format (24bit 44.1kbps) and MP3 format (320kbps)?

I am tempted by:

• All 41 official albums, including 14 newly remastered titles (hopefully the other titles were previously remastered vs. Sony just pulled what ever was easiest of the shelf)

• Also includes a 2CD compilation of songs not included on the original albums

• All the original artwork reproduced

• Hardcover booklet with extensive liner notes and rare photos

Tempted – but is it worth it?  Should I wait for a vinyl version?  Should I wait for the boutique vinyl reissues?  Should I wait for the Neil Young Pono version?  Or should I be a grown up and ignore this whole thing and spend my money on something I really NEED?  Well I have 5 weeks to worry about this – I am stressed!


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  1. There’s been far too much of this sort of cash call of late – the Clash box is a case in point also on CBS. At least the Clash did a small 5 album set for a reasonable price… Think the Dylan includes the rare ‘Dylan’ album doesn’t it? Its still $256 for 14 remastered CDs though!

  2. I am with you as I think I have all but three albums. But this is a rather inexpensive way to get all studio albums if you wished to do so. I have started trying to back up my cds in cloud storage. Tempted to just buy the usb here and know I will always have the Dylan collection and im flac even. I wish they would have comnibed the cds withe the usb for the $370 price.

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