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Horizon Records, Greenville, SC.

September 18, 2013


Whenever I visit a town and I have the time to spare, I search out a record store.  On my recent business trip to Greenville SC I was delighted to find a wonderful independent record store – Horizon.  I was a bit preoccupied by a work problem so I did not get to really savor my visit to the store.  But my glum and preoccupied mood was eventually lifted as dug.

Horizon has a nice variety of genres and biased toward vinyl (I think – as that is all that captured my attention).  They have a bargain LP room (most for a buck) and an enclosed classical room (sweet touch).  The layout is nice, well-organized and spacious (I am imagine in-store performances are swell).  The store opens into a neighboring restaurant (I did not get a chance to check that out) – a concept that I love and if I ever accomplish my dream of owning my own record store –  a must.

Prices are appropriate (and the bargain LP room is a bonus – I was too short on time to explore it).  I browsed the jazz and pop/rock LP sections and found it a very interesting collection (read I had to control urges).  I found 3 used jazz LPs that I “had to have” (look for future reviews).  The LPs were in the $7 dollar range but their quality and demand made them right priced.  Upon playing their sound matched their visual inspection and price (proof of a competent store).


Proprietor Gene was a very pleasant conversationalist with an amusing/disturbing story about Television’s Richard Lloyd (prompted by my noticing that the legendary Television was playing in Atlanta this fall – please come to Minneapolis!).  Lloyd, in an altered state for an in-store performance, had to be coaxed to earth only to demand that he instruct  Proprietor Gene on the fine art of staring into the sun.

One of the delights of the store, that I did not notice until I got home, are the price tags that proudly state on the used pieces “PRE-LOVED.”  Overall this was a delightful store that could hold its own in any major city. A minor burg like Greenville should cherish this treasure.  I will have an annual fall meeting in Greenville for the next few years that will require a repeat visit to Horizon.


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