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Crate Digger’s Gold: Charles Earland – Black Talk

June 2, 2013

Black Talk

Last fall I was reading Michael Chabon’s Telegraph Avenue and around that time Chabon had an essay in Rolling Stone where he talked about what he call backbeat jazz (AKA soul jazz, acid jazz, etc.).  The essay total validated my musical taste,. He listed what he considers classics of the genre and this album was on his list.  I had most everything on his list but this album – which I had never heard of.  I rushed out and bought a CD and was kind of disappointed – it was cool – but nothing special.

Then yesterday I fond a pristine original at the Minnesota Record Show.  I figured I would pick it up.  I got home and put it on the turntable and it literally blew me away.  The CD version was a pathetic representation of the original.  The vinyl is off the charts swinging.

The titular song “Black Talk” is an improvisation on the Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby and it is absolutely inspired.  The rest of the album is equally amazing and now I understand why Chabon had it on its list.  Sometimes great albums can only be appreciated in their original state. I feel lucky to have found this treasure in near mint condition for just 7 bucks.

A cherry on top is that this Prestige recording is by Rudy Van Gelder.

  1. Never heard of Charles. Found a sampling. Love this stuff. Great discovery. Might be adding this to the pile.

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