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Dawes – Stories Don’t End

April 11, 2013

DawesThe latest Dawes album is the best Jackson Browne album since Late for the Sky. I am not sure if that is an endorsement or sad indictment of my sentimental and dated taste.   I have been stuck in that Laurel Cannon vibe for 35 years now (hell I just bought a bought a 180 gram reissue Joni Mitchell Blue album to augment my crackling original long player and CD).  I am grateful for artist like Ryan Adams, Jeff Tweedy, and Dawes’ Taylor Goldsmith for sustaining my 7o’s buzz.

I loved North Hills when it came out a few years ago, but was mildly disappointed with Nothing Is Wrong (but don’t most sophomores disappoint?).  Stories Don’t End suggests these guys are for real.

I rarely care about lyrics, but I actually listened to this album from start to finish reading along with the lyrics.  I love the simplicity of the language and the effortless shifts from tangible moments to fragile feelings and subtle examinations from both sides now.

Musically the vocals are front and center with a rumbling instrumentation providing a bedrock. Sonically it is fuzzy tube warm.  Goldsmith proves you don’t have to be a gifted vocalist, you just have to have an authentic voice.

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