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Crate Digger’s Gold vs. Dumpster Dive Darling

March 3, 2013

dumpster diveMy buddy Paul over at Analog Audio of Minnesota has a great idea – review LPs that can easily be found in good condition for a $1 or less.  We both love a carefully curated audiophile 45 reissue on heavy vinyl – but the average audiophile with a large music appetite can’t afford to have their whole collection made of up of this kind of material – you need to pad the shelf with some bargains too.  It is amazing how many great albums you can find for under a buck at record stores, garage sales and even record shows.  Typically these are albums that sold really well – thus there is lots of inventory.  The key is that this stuff is not rare.  Pretty much everything you hear on classic rock radio can be found for on vinyl for less than a buck.  I call these gems “Dumpster Dive Darlings.”

crate diggingNow Crate Digger’s Gold is a whole different animal.  It is not rare, just obscure.  Crate Digger’s Gold  is not a collector’s item at collector’s  prices – a Crate Digger’s Gold LP is typically under $5 and may be in dubious condition.  Crate Digger’s Gold might be an album you have been searching for years (and was never issued on CD – or at least not a decent CD) or it might be something you buy on whim because you like the cover, admire the sidemen, trust the label, or love the producer.  The key is that you want everyone to hear it and be amazed at your clever taste.

I plan to continue to review Crate Digger’s Gold on CatchGroove .  Dumpster Dive Darling LPs will be featured on Analog Audio of Minnesota’s site.  I will cross-post Dumpster Dive Darling reviews on CatchGroove too.  Please free to make suggestions!

  1. Neil Young’s “Time Fades Away” will certainly NOT win any audiophile prizes, but given it remains the only NY release not re-released on CD, it seems a perfect candidate. However, I doubt it would fall under even the $5 limit unless the condition was really sketchy.

    • Neither gold or a darling – a collectors item. $40 for used vinyl on Amazon. I don’t own it do you?

  2. I found my copy for $3 at the record show at the VFW. That was about 5 years or so ago so maybe they are all snapped up

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  1. Dumpster Dive Darling: Gato Barbieri – Calente!

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