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Vivid’s G3 Giya

February 24, 2013

vivid giya g3I participated in an another amazing Analog Audio of Minnesota event this past weekend.   The event  was a demo of Vivid’s G3 Giya.  This is a $40K speaker and it sounds like it.  I am complete noob when it comes to high-end audio, but I can say this is the best speaker I have ever heard and most spectacular looking too!

As a bonus Philip of On a Higher Note (these speakers come with an escort) used the demo to play us fascinating set of digital files – the latest in high bit/sample rate recordings that shame CDs and threaten the best vinyl.  The most amazing to me was a progressive set of higher samples of Patricia Barber’s “You & The Night &The Music” from her gorgeously recorded 1998 Modern Cool.  This is a sexy intimate song and when I closed my eyes Barber was whispering the lyrics into my ear.  I am budget audiophile and listening to the Giya’s made me aware of how obvious it is that I am listening to recorded music with my entry-level system at home.  The Giya’s were alive the made the music present and real – you could smell it, feel it, see it and taste it.

I will let other sites explain the Giya’s.  I don’t understand or care about the science and engineering of theses speakers.  All I can say is they sound fantastic. Typically when I experience something this expensive my conclusion is that it can’t be worth it.  Unfortunately the Giya’s are worth it.  I am just grateful to have had a chance to meet them in an ideal site and with a great set of digital and vinyl selections to exercise them.  In the mean time I am going to do my best to forget these speakers so I can go back to enjoying my humble reality.


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