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Movie Review (DVD): Searching For Sugar Man

February 3, 2013

sugar man

I have finally gotten around to seeing Searching for Sugar Man – it took being released on DVD and available at a Redbox to get me off my ass to see it.  Ironically I have been keen on Rodriguez for a few years prior to this film.

Rodriguez was one of my first discoveries I made when I first joined emusic five or six years ago.  I was unaware of the legend, I was just struck by his Dylanesque voice and lyrics and the ever so slight Motown arrangements.

Fast forward to this last year. My son raved about this movie he saw and then a friend of his arranged a private Rodriguez show in Minneapolis that I DJed at this past fall (see review of that show here).

The long and the short of it is  that this documentary is so preposterous that is it almost seems like Spinal Tap – but it is not, it is a true story.  For any fan of pop music this is a must hear and see story.  The documentary is compelling and inspirational.  Rodriguez the man comes of like some kind of zen shaman – and he is I have met him and know it is true.


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