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Crate Digger’s Gold: Larry Coryell at the Village Gate

December 6, 2012

larry coryell at VG This is a Jimi Hendrix eulogy by the jazz guitar great Larry Coryell.  Recorded live at the legendary Village Gate jazz club in NYC in 1971, just 4 months after the death of Jimi.  Coryell quotes Hendrix in his own words; his playing is an inspiration and not an impersonation.

This is one of my crate dig finds of the year – a mere two bucks – this piece of vinyl is in good to very good condition and is exactly why I crate dig – finding a piece of gold in the mud.  I knew nothing about this album beyond that I was vaguely familiar with Coryell.  The album cover was hokey as hell, which almost scared me off.  But this is a wonderful album of face melting jams.  If you are a Hendrix fan and a jazz fan this is LP was made for you.  Turn down the lights, light up the patchouli stick, drop the needle and let this album lick your ears.

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