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Crate Digger’s Gold: Jerry Goodman & Jan Hammer – Like Children

November 26, 2012

This 1974 release is by two key members of Mahavishnu Orchestra.  If you like the early 70’s incarnation of that band you will like this.  It is an easier listen than those early MO albums.  The music alternates between contemplative pieces (foreshadowing New Age) and funky jazz rock fusion.

Goodman was noted for his violin playing and Hammer for his keyboards, but on this album both guys stretch out on several instruments.  Most songs sound like a full band, but it is just the two guys and the power of overdubbing.

I recognized a couple of tunes on my first listen, but could not quite place them – turns out they would show up 3 years later on the album “Jeff Beck and the Jan Hammer Group Live” (also a recent crate digging find that I have been savoring).  Coincidentally the other day I had been listening to Mahavishnu Orchestra’ Birds of Fire and remarked that there is not enough violin in rock music.  This album helps fill that gap!

I knew nothing about this album before picking it up other that I knew the guys where from Mahavishnu Orchestra, the year (1974) suggested a good vintage, a very cool cover, the album was in good condition and it was a reasonable price ($4).  But you can’t discover new music without taking a risk on your intuition – this risk had a fine payout.  Highly recommended.

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  1. I remember this one back when and not picking it up. Great find. “Crate Digging” is good. I just listened to ‘Birds of Fire’. Love that record. I’m with you on the Violin thing. I really like Jerry’s sound. David Cross from King Crimson had a cool sound also. Jan is no slouch either.

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