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Joe Walsh – Analog Man

June 16, 2012

This is a mature Joe Walsh – which is appropriate for a 64-year-old rock star.  “Lucky That Way” is a wonderful coda to “Life’s Been Good.”   Joe Walsh has always had a bit of George Harrison to him so the Jeff Lynn production is perfect.

Joe has always had great humor to his work and this album lives up to that reputation. But now the humor is gentle vs. the bitter cynicism of his youth.

Joe has always been a guitar hero and this album highlights his wonderful tone and sound.

This is not an innovative album, nor is it a sentimental album, it is merely classic rock by a classic rock musician at the top of his game.  Merely classic is nothing to be ashamed of – Joe brings his classic sound and voice forward with maturity.  I would rather see maturity from an artist of Joe’s vintage than some embarrassing attempt at hip.  Thanks Joe, I am mature too.


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