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whysowhite – Chicago 5/26/12 – Martyr’s

May 27, 2012

I saw my second whysowhite show last night and it was fantastic.  This was a headlining show at Marytr’s.  The venue is wonderful: a large stage and great ambiance. Given the headline status, the boys were able to stretch out the previous set I had seen in Minneapolis into a fully realized whysowhite vision.  And what was that vision?  Punk energy, funk grooves and party anthems.  This is a band designed for Saturday night, to burn calories, turn a bad mood into a good mood and prime the pump for more quit after show activities (AKA groove grease).

What do I like about whysowhite?  First and foremost it is the music (it must always be the music), but second it is their presentation – they move and they groove – they are a venue’s epicenter of a tsunami of good times and the only way for an audience to survive is to DANCE.

If you want to get a sense of who these guys are – check out some of their live shots of love on their website. I can’t wait until I can hear these guys on record, because that will mean I can get a dose of whysowhite daily.  For now I will just have to savor the memory.


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  1. glad you had a good time, but i been to Martyrs once and I hated that venue. The staff were just terrible. Is that angry doorman with white hair and a hat still working there?

    • There was a crabby doorman, but the music inside the venue overwhelmed his attempt at buzz-kill.

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