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Punch Brothers – Who’s Feeling Young Now?

April 26, 2012

I have been hearing the buzz about the Punch Brothers for a couple of months now. I did hear one of their songs on the Hunger Games soundtrack, but it did not blow me away.  The Punch Brothers had all the right buzz for me:  Americana, alt-country, bluegrass fusion, etc.  So finally I got around to listening to it and I was blown away.

First of all this is not some kind of Mumford and Sons wannabe band – this is totally original stuff making Mumford pikers.  Yes there is bluegrass instrumentation, but this is very clever pop music. This is reminds me of when Wilco went from mere cool alt-country band to pop genius with Summer Teeth. It does not sound like Summer Teeth – it is just that kind of gigantic leap.

I was absently mindedly listening to the album on the elliptical  when I heard 11th cut.  Wow this sounds like a bluegrass freak-out inspired by Radiohead.  Then, wait a second, I know this song.  I pull out my iPod to peek,  holy shit!  This is a cover of Kid A.  Totally inspired.  It made Kid A sound as revolutionary as the first time I heard it in 2000.  Only in 200o my pea brain was  devastated, now I was elevated.

Bravo Punch Brothers – you have a new fan.


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