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Alabama Shakes – Boys & Girls

April 18, 2012

My favorite boys from Bama are coming to town tomorrow, so it’s the perfect time to review the Alabama Shakes.  I know nothing about this band other than a band to watch preview/EP review in Rolling Stone a few issues back.  It was enough to catch my attention that this was something I might like.

It is nice little debut.  The band evokes a lot of other bands when I listen: early Kings of Leon, Janis Joplin, Credence Clearwater Revival, and Jack White channeling Robert Plant.  But somehow they manage to make it all their own.  Vocalist Brittany Howard is a real standout – a wonderfully soulful, bluesy rock and roll momma.

I like the recording ambiance in that is kind of primitive and  lo-fi.  Usually I hate that but hear it works.

It is great to hear a retro band that has found a way to synthesize its influences yet make it their own.  Highly recommended.


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  1. “the recording ambiance in that is kind of primitive and lo-fi” – it’s funny that you hate that. I LOVE “lo-fi” and related sounds. Must be the VU fan in me.

  2. i guesss I have listened to too many Steely Dan records.

    • I like Steely Dan, too! 🙂 But there are just times when lo-fi is the right-fi. At one point, I was a real purist, a real snob, when it came to sound, musicianship, etc. Luckily punk came along at just the right time and threw a brick through that window, and took me along with it. Love great musicians. Love great sound. Also love four guys in a garage making noise, if it is the right kind of noise. 🙂

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