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Bruce Springsteen Wrecking Ball

March 11, 2012

The reviews of this album have generally been positive. I have to admit I like it. Bruce has not managed to do anything late career as amazing as Dylan’s “Time Out of Mind,” but this is pretty damn good. I was worried that it was going to be too preachy and a too inauthentic (superstar rock star invokes the common man), but somehow Bruce pulls it off.

There is not a bad cut on the album, yet there is nothing new either.  Bruce pulls styles from across his career since the mid 80s.  But he plays it expertly, prior experiments reach fruition here.  Past attempts at some of these styles seemed to miss the mark, but here they work.

Bruce has an audience and he challenges that audience vs. pandering to them.  Bruce questions contemporary America without undermining it.  This is a liberal broadside, but it is not anti-patriotic.  It questions, but does not condemn. Musically it recognizes contemporary pop styles but it does not embarrass.  Bruce has found a razors edge to ride and ride it well he does.


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  1. Completely agree with you – I would say word for word, but my review was a bit too long-winded for that 🙂

    Brilliant album though.

  2. oop, sorry, realized I just commented twice on your blog with the same link, my mistake 🙂

    very well-written blog though.

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