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Oxford Americian # 75 (13th Annual Southern Music Issue)

December 18, 2011

Despite the Kindle, the iPad, etc. the physical book store is still relevant.  I was browsing in Barnes and Nobles yesterday and I tripped on this magazine.  It was about a year ago that I discovered the Oxford American. That issue was also their Southern music issue focused on Alabama.

I read about half that issue before I lent it to the one and only Charlie Moonbeam.  He convinced me that because he was an Alabama native it should be in his possession and I acquiesced.

My daughter was in search of an appropriately colored Moleskin when I nearly wet myself at the sight of this issue of the Oxford American.  My wife and daughter were already in the buying queue when I rushed them in a near incoherent state – “here buy this – I must have it.”

I still have not yet broken it out of its plastic bag so hopefully there will be a follow-up post with a review of the contents.  For now merely savor this amazing cover with the one an only Howlin’ Wolf.


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