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Hank 3 – Ghost To A Ghost/Guttertown

December 3, 2011

How does a CD get into the Target rack?  Recently I was at Target and I saw Hank 3 Ghost to Ghost in the rack.  How did it get there?  This is a an independent release in a major retailer. A few days later I saw it at Best Buy.  This mystified me. I was so amazed it was sitting in the racks at Target that I had to buy it (the fact it was a double disc for $9.99 helped too).

Hank 3 is Hank Williams the 3rd – grandson of the father of modern county music Hank Sr.  Hank 3 stands closer to the innovative pedigree of his granddad than is pop leaning daddy.

This is not traditional country or even pop country – at best it is punk country.  The first CD is pretty classic cow-punk.  Hank 3’s voice is like his grandpappy’s at points, like Dylan’s at other points, but always with an amphetamine edge.  This is country on meth.  I am a long-term fan of alt-country – but this is much edgier than typical alt-county.  Hank 3 make Ryan Adams seem like James Taylor.

CD 2 is much more atmospheric – almost a like a movie soundtrack.  Although it has a few songs that could fit on CD 1.

Overall if you are a fan of country, punk, rock and you like all of that edgy you will like this release.


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  1. I like a bunch of “alterna-twang.” Will have to check this out.

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