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Audio Perfection – Audiophile Store – Minneapolis (Richfield)

October 13, 2011

Unfortunately the stereo store has become a rarity.  Blame it on big box stores and home theater.   When I was younger they were sprinkled all over town.

Today I walked into the greatest stereo store I have ever been to in my life.  Audio Perfection was like like walking into an audio magazine come alive.  I guess this is what it might feel like for a lifetime subscriber of Playboy to walk into the Mansion.  I have never seen so many amazing audiophile brands in one place.  The place was thick with amazing equipment. Great listening rooms too boot!

And the staff was nice – not snotty like you might expect from a place with such high end stuff (we are talking about a Ferrari dealer here).  They did not make a audiophile wannabe like me feel like a fool in the least.   My purpose was to learn about record cleaning machines and about phono preamps.  My salesman (Eric?) respected that I was not a buyer today and gave me all the information I needed.  He was as attentive as if I were about to spend 10 grand,  Unfortunately I was short on time, but I got a chance to spin one of my own  sides on some of their amazing equipment (Clearaudio, Audio Research and Magnepan and god know what else was part of the system) – wow what a thrill. The salesman even took the time to swap in phono preamp in my price range into their topnotch system.

I hope to be back real soon to play with their toys some more and hopefully take one home.  How I have lived here 52 years and never been into this place is beyond me.  And don’t just believe me – this is multiple year City Pages “Best of” award winner.


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