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George Benson – Guitar Man

October 5, 2011

I quit caring about George Benson after Breezin’ (1976) and Weekend in LA (1978).  But recently I have been falling in love with George again based on his CTI era releases that I have been picking up in vinyl (late 60s to mid 70s).

This past weekend I saw this new release in the Best Buy Sunday circular and it caught my eye.  With only 2 to 3 new releases earning the right to be in the Best Buy ad and the fact that this was a special Best Buy edition caught my eye – what is George and his label (Concord – which appears to be the place where old stars resurrect their careers these days) up too?

Well this is a very nice release.  George plays pop-jazz along the lines of Breezin’. He does not try to be hip, but instead acts his age and plays delightful mid-70s pop jazz.  Lots of clever covers, my favorite being the Beatles’ “I Want to Hold Your Hand” which is almost unrecognizable – until you figure it out – you get to see how inventive George can be with a simple pop melody.

If you loved Breezin’ and like me got bored with George trying to be hip for the last 30 years you will like this release.


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  1. Have a few of his CTI albums and i agree with your take

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