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October 4, 2011

When this project was first announced I was very excited.  I am a huge Stones fan and have generally been disappointed by Mick Jagger’s solo work.  This sounded like it had more possibilities for greatness.  Mick is messing in the studio with his buddy Dave Stewart (frequent collaborator and former Eurythmic).  Dave had been working with Joss Stone so she enters the picture.  Damian Marley is in neighboring studio – so he joins the mix.  Somehow Indian film composer A.R. Rahman (Slum Dog Millionaire) joins the party.

This sounded like it was going to be some spicy stew.

Well I am pleased to report this album is a hoot.  This mix of improbable collaborators actually works.  It is fun to hear Jagger having fun for a change.  He is even willing to make a bit of fool of himself by toasting a verse Damian Marley style – but mostly he plays Mick Jagger.

Everyone gets a chance to shine here, but Jagger and Marley stand out the most.  Joss Stone is more of a backup singer and occasional spice added to the mix.  A.R. Rahman add lots of nice and subtle Indian pop atmospherics.

Highly recommended to the open minded Stones fan.


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