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🌵 Desert Sessions 🌵 2.0: Cheap Used Records -Rosanne Cash – King’s Record Shop

January 15, 2023
Rosanne Cash
King’s Record Shop

This was my introduction to Roseanne Cash. It is a masterpiece. Although Cash is classified as country, she transcends the genre. The album has a timeless quality. She is a sophisticated pop country singer that has more in common with Linda Ronstadt than her country contemporaries. If she was coming on the scene now she would be categorized as Americana. She is both a cover artist and singer songwriter.

This is the sixth and last Cash album that would be produced by Rodney Crowell. She was also married to Crowell. Cash and Crowell were a successful music partnership with lots of hits with an unconventional approach in the country genre. This album is a great example of their amazing musical cocktail. It is pop county, without any of the cliches. This album made me a Rosanne Cash fan. Her subsequent albums were less popular, but more sophisticated. Her prior albums were even more pop, but brilliant.

This is a $2 record. It is pristine except for a skip in the first track of side one – it only needs a slight nudge to play through the skip.


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